It can be very frustrating when your refrigerator stops working. In order to keep food from spoiling, you need to take a few troubleshooting steps when completing refrigerator repair. If you still cannot get it to work then call a trusted repair company like A&D Appliances. 

Check Your Power Connection

The first thing you should do when your refrigerator stops working is verifying that it has a good power connection. Check the power cord, the GFCI outlet, and the breaker to make sure that your refrigerator gets the power it needs.

Check the Electrical Cord

You can check the power connection by seeing if the refrigerator’s electrical cord is securely plugged into the electrical outlet on the wall. If the cord is loose then that could be the reason your refrigerator stopped working. Simply push the plug into the outlet to secure its connection. 

Once your refrigerator is properly plugged in you need to check and see if power comes back on. If there is still no power after you have made sure that the power cord is plugged in then check the breaker to confirm if there is power running to the electrical outlet. If following none of these steps work then contact A&D Appliances. 

Check the GFCI Outlet

Your refrigerator may or may not be on a GFCI outlet. A GFCI outlet is a special outlet that will protect you from electrocution. If the outlet gets wet it will shut itself off. If your refrigerator is on a GFCI outlet then check to see if the outlet needs to be reset. Once the outlet has been reset your refrigerator should begin to run again. 

Check the Breaker

Check your breaker box if your refrigerator is not on a GFCI outlet. The breaker switch could have flipped to the “off” position. After a breaker switch flips to the “off” position it will need to be reset in order for power to go back to that specific outlet again. Check to see if the refrigerator begins to run again after you are sure the breaker switch is in the correct position. 

Not a Power Issue

There are a few other things that could cause your refrigerator to stop working if your power is working properly. For example, it could stop working if the fan has broken or has been unintentionally blocked. Make sure that nothing is blocking the fan or the vents. Your refrigerator may also stop working if the coil has frosted over or if the coils need cleaning.

Call for Refrigerator Repair

Is your fridge still not working properly? Contact a trusted refrigerator repair company like A&D Appliances once you have verified your fridge is receiving power and that nothing has been blocked.

We provide factory training and authorized repair services for all major household appliances, including refrigerators. One of our factory-trained technicians will be able to properly diagnose the problem. We can also order any necessary parts and make repairs needed to get your refrigerator running again.