A functional dishwasher provides cleaning power to your utensils. If the appliance has strange smells, there could be underlying issues. Using bleach agents to eradicate the odor is a temporary solution that might not entirely remove the stench and could corrode metal parts, leading to severe damage. Professional dishwasher repair can help you get rid of the odors.

Professional Dishwasher Repair: 5 Reasons Your Dishwasher Stinks and the Solutions

A dishwasher is convenient and energy-efficient. You can load up many dishes simultaneously, saving your effort and time. If you don’t take care of the appliance, it might produce weird smells. Your utensils may come out dirty and smell unpleasant due to this problem.

Your dishwasher might emit various smells, depending on the root cause of the odor. Here are five reasons why your appliance stinks and expert solutions.

1.    Mold

The dishwasher can attract mold growth due to the damp and dark environment. Your machine will have a musty smell when you open it, indicating fungal presence. Drain covers, gaskets, and doors might be full of mold.

Mold can be difficult to eliminate since it might have spread to other parts of your dishwasher. A technician can inspect the appliance and clean all the affected areas.

2.    Food Particles

If food particles are trapped within your dishwasher, it can let off an unpleasant fishy odor. Food debris can clog the spray arms and affect the cleaning process. The blockage also becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, causing strange smells.

An expert can inspect the lower and upper spray arms for food particles and clean them. Filters might also require professional cleaning to eliminate any odor.

3.    Grease

Grease on your utensils can end up in the dishwasher and contribute to the foulness. This oil residue can also block your water valve screen. A technician can clean out the grease and check for damages. If the water valve screen is severely damaged, replacing it might be the best option.

The pump screen might also produce horrible smells due to grease blockage. As a result, the component can fail to work effectively due to grease buildup. Cleaning the pump screen can get rid of the grease for optimal performance.

4.    Drain Hose

A faulty drain hose connection can cause kitchen sink wastewater to back up into your appliance. A rotten egg smell can permeate your household when you open your dishwasher. The backflow problem requires a technician to solve.

Your technician will use an air gap to fix wastewater backup in the appliance. Cleaning the air gap will solve the fetor, and you don’t have to deal with any stinky smells.

5.    Leaks

Cracks within your dishwasher can lead to awful smells, and foreign objects in your filter might be the root cause of the leakage. If the water valve is damaged, your dishwasher can leak out and smell terrible.

A thorough inspection can help diagnose the real issue. After that, a technician can repair or replace broken parts.

Quality Dishwasher Repair Services

Your dishwasher needs expert attention when you spot any smell. Eliminating the main culprits offers you a clean appliance.

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