According to a study by Consumer Reports, most people expect their major household appliances to last about a decade. While not completely accurate, that’s not a bad guess. One thing that’s for certain is your appliances have a greater chance for longevity when they receive service from home appliance repair professionals.

What Can You Expect from Your Appliance?

Many factors affect how long a certain appliance will last. The quality of the appliance and frequency of use are both major considerations.  While quality and usage are factors you may not have much control over, you can control how well you maintain your appliances.

Following the manufacturer’s directions for cleaning and safe operation of your appliance will go a long way to help it last. So will getting repairs from a trained technician. If your appliance is under warranty, hiring only licensed contractors may be necessary to keep warranties valid.

Washing Machine – 10 Years Average

Consider buying a top-loading model instead of a front-loader. Top-loading machines tend to require fewer repairs. And if you’re thinking about purchasing a stacked washer/dryer combination, realize you may have to replace the whole set if one of the machines needs replacing. Stacking sets must fit together perfectly and newer models may change in size or configuration.

Clothes Dryer – 13 Years Average

To help extend the life of your dryer, keep the lint trap clean. Also, clean lint from the motor, belt, drum, vent pipe, and the area behind the dryer.

Stovetop/Oven – 13-15 Years Average

On average, a gas range will last around 15 years, while an electric oven has a shorter lifespan of about 13 years.  Both gas and electric ovens benefit from regular cleaning, including cleaning dust and debris from under and in the back of the appliance. Keep the hood filter clean to prevent the buildup of grease. If your gas range has a charcoal filter, it should be replaced once a year.

Refrigerator – 10-13 Years Average

It’s worth noting that top-freezer models from national brands tend to have fewer repair issues while French-door models have the most frequent. Cleaning the refrigerator coils once a year, keeping the inside clean, and making sure the door is completely shut after use will help keep it running efficiently.

Microwave Oven – 9 Years Average

Of all the major appliances you are likely to own, the microwave has the shortest life expectancy. Frequent short spurts of use and continuous opening/closing of the door contribute to repair problems. Avoid opening the door while the microwave is running. This can cause a short circuit inside the appliance.

When to Call a Home Appliance Repair Professional

Along with regular maintenance, having repairs done as soon as you notice a problem is the best way to keep your appliances running for as long as possible. Minor issues may not immediately affect the way your appliance performs, but small problems turn into big ones when ignored. Turn to the technicians at A&D Appliances for advice if you suspect one of your home appliances needs repair.